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Date Posted / Updated: 2017-07-31
Experimental / Homebuilt
2017 Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair IIS-RG
Price Reduced, Will pay $1,500 toward shipping cost anywhere in the United States (full price offer). All reasonable offers will be considered.
Airframe Time:
Engine Time(s):
USD 49,000 Reduced - All Reasonable Offers Will Be Considered
Aircraft Location:
(KIFP) Bullhead City, AZ United States
  • Airframe category: All reasonable offers will be considered.
  • This is a private party sale of a BRAND NEW 2 seat high performance experimental aircraft kit. Cruise 235 TAS (75% power @ 8,000 MSL); Climb 1,750 to 2,700 FPM @ MGW; Stalls @ 50 MPH; Fuel 61 GAL; Range 1,200 to 1,600 miles; Service Ceiling 19,000 MSL. Built to perfection w/ Glasair Factory Award. No other Glasair IIS-RG aircraft this close to completion are known to exist anywhere in the world. This Glasair IIS-RG was constructed by a Stoddard-Hamilton award winning builder and team member.
  • Production aircraft can’t match this performance for the price. USED Glasairs can’t beat this NEW zero-time Glasair for value and the freedom to install the instrumentation of your choice. Be flying soon for the cost of instruments, radios and affordable local technicians. No DIY skills needed. Easy to finish with a FRESH ANNUAL INSPECTION saving BIG.
  • This COMPLETED Glasair IIS-RG retractable landing gear airframe kit includes (a) Glasair IIS-RG airframe painted with highest quality durable PPG gloss white paint, (b) all Glasair extra add-on kits COMPLETED (see list below), (c) most materials required for final assembly

  • No Engine included in the sale of this kit - Lycoming IO-360-BIE has been sold.

  • Factory new Hartzell 72” non-aerobatic propeller (Model #HCC2YK-1BF/F766A-2/SM8) with the fitted Glasair propeller spinner kit. The factory preservative oil is still in the propeller pistons and the propeller has never been run. The propeller is crated for shipping. *** PropellerIncluded in price of Kit.***

Avionics / Radios
  • The radio related infrastructure is included: avionics solenoids, most circuit breakers, the split master switch, the canopy-lock keyed ignition switch, and the Glasair electrical wiring kit. The Glasair future vision instrument panel system is completed and painted. The Glasair antennas kits (nav/com) are installed inside the airframe.
  • The Glasair and S-TEC autopilot infrastructure (pitch and roll servo kits) were installed. The linkage was connected, wiring was installed and inter-related kits were fully integrated during airframe construction. There are used STEC System 40, 50 and 60 panel control units in great condition with warranties selling at 10% of new part prices online. Or, you can defer autopilot installation until later.

Equipment / Features
  • Extended wing tips with fuel kit
  • S-TEC pitch and roll servos kits
  • Electric slotted flaps kit
  • Navigation lighting w/ strobes kits
  • Electric elevator trim kit
  • Glasair electrical kit, breakers
  • Dual brakes kit
  • Glasair landing light kit
  • Engine oil cooler kit
  • Antennas (nav/com/marker beacon) kits
  • Engine cooling baffle system kit
  • Landing gear squat switch kit
  • Engine air induction system kit
  • Future vision instrument panel kit
  • Heated pitot tube, static system kit
  • Rear window kit
  • Vacuum pump, filter, gauge kit
  • Glasair TAS indicator custom marked
  • Cabin heat and vent system kits
  • Military control sticks, hat switches, boots

  • Includes the Glasair Future Vision Instrument Panel and integrated center console are painted gloss white. Removable aluminum panels make instrument, radio, breaker and switch installation easy. The heater and ventilation systems are installed. The rugged military stick grips with boots and hat switches for microphone and elevator controls are installed. The navigation, landing light and Whelen strobe systems are wired and installed. The hydraulic landing gear system with all switches and lights is wired and installed. The Glasair shoulder harness system is installed.
  • Design your interior from pictures online. Specify the materials you desire. Get bids from expert out-of-work upholstery specialists in your area. Have them do the upholstery (2 seats, 4 door panels, 2 rear bulkhead panels, 1 upper dashboard panel), carpet (front and rear floors), and (c) glue in the headliner at incredible savings over “builder assistance shops.”

  • All exterior parts were individually sanded, primed, sealed and painted with PPGs finest products. They polished with 3M professional grade products. The result is a very tough, fuel, acid, sun, corrosion, scratch resistant and durable finish. Control surfaces have been balanced to prevent flutter. Landing gear doors are adjusted.
  • Two sets of wingtips are included. They are painted, plumbed and wired for lighting. The regular short wing tips (wing span about 23 feet) are for normal and aerobatic flying and result in a max gross weight of 2,000 lbs. The extended wing tips (wing span about 27 feet) are for long range flying. They hold 11 gallons of fuel increasing range to 1,600+ miles, improving cruise speed to about 235 mpg, reducing landing stall speed to 50 mph with slotted flaps, and raising the max gross weight to 2,200 lbs (more useful load). Impressive performance difference, wing-tip change with a screw-driver in about an hour.

Maintenance / Inspections
  • At considerable effort and expense, during the construction process we installed a special Glasair kit engineered to increase elevator authority (large horizontal stabilizer and elevator) at slow speeds thereby making landings safer. We also complied with a Glasair Service Bulletin by setting the wing back ¾ of an inch that had the desired effect of moving the CG forward. We also increased the capacity of the reserve fuel tank behind the firewall from 8 gallons to 10 gallons which also moved the CG forward. Together, these modifications improved overall stability and formed the basis for the Super II model. The construction logs show that these modifications were made and the calculations show the positive effect on weight and balance.
  • Lift Reserve Indicator (red tubing) was accurately installed in the lead edge of the left wing and routed to the instrument panel since Glasair offers no stall warning system. Consult the internet for simple DYI system completion details.

Additional Remarks
  • With some exceptions, we do not provide pictures of our Glasair IIS-RG aircraft (we want you to see this gorgeous aircraft) or answer questions already answered in this listing. Private buyers, accompanied by their “independent” pre-approved inspectors (those having no financial interest in the transaction now or at any time in the future) are encouraged to schedule inspection appointments. The buyer must be financially pre-qualified and a licensed pilot prior to inspection and must take delivery F.O.B. at our facility soon after funds clear.
  • Price and terms are negotiable in person only! We do require the buyer to obtain and pay for a FRESH ANNUAL INSPECTION to be performed by a Airframe and Power Plant specialist at a reputable FAA licensed repair facility prior to test flying, no exceptions, to protect all builders (seller and buyer) against liability claims and to assure your safety and confidence in flying this exceptional Glasair IIS-RG. The price has already been reduced to offset the cost of this requirement.

Seller Contact Information
Please mention AirplaneMart.com when you contact the seller of this aircraft!
Company: N/A
Contact: SC Seller
Address: Bullhead City, AZ United States
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All specifications subject to verification upon inspection.
Availability subject to prior sale, lease or withdrawal from market without notice.

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