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Date Posted / Updated: 2019-01-09
1991 Mil Mi-26T
The Overhaul in 2015.
Airframe Time:
Engine Time(s):
Aircraft Location:
Russian Federation
  • For more info, please, visit
  • Https://milhelicopters.com/mi-26-modifications/
  • Russia:+7 (499) 346-88-68
  • E-mail: info@milhelicopters.com
  • Refueler:
  • Used to transport large amounts of fuel and to carry out refueling operations in remote areas or where conditions make it difficult to set up mobile refueling stations
  • Aviation fuel carried on the tanker, can be used in place of extra fuel tanks to increase the helicopter's own ferrying range
  • Tanker refueler on the base of the MI-26t helicopter is intended for:
  • Operative delivery of fuel (aviation kerosene and diesel fuel) and lubricants
  • Autonomous aircraft fuelling and land transport equipment
  • Time necessary for conversation from refueling equipment version: 1h. 25 min
  • Time necessary for conversation from transport to refueling equipment version: 1h. 25 min
  • Ambulance:
  • Intended for rendering emergency medical aid to casualties on board of the helicopter, either on the ground or in flight, (inside can be performed first-aid and medical assistance with fulfillment of reanimation and intensive care therapy), followed by transportation of the casualties to a hospital in the shortest possible time
  • Dispatch medical teams and necessary medical equipment immediately to disaster areas in remote regions
  • Render emergency medical aid to casualties on board of the helicopter (either on the ground or in flight)
  • Urgent evacuation of casualties to hospitals directly from places of the accident;
  • Autonomous operation of the Flying Ambulance (on the ground) or on unequipped sites
  • Fire-fighting:
  • VSU-15 water discharging device on the external sling is designed for:
  • Extinguishing and localization of fires in tundra, steppe, forest-steppe, forest and mountain regions
  • Extinguishing and localization of industrial and domestic fires
  • Delivery to remote and difficult of access regions to fire sites, mobile fire fighting service stations, wheeled and non-wheeled vehicles as well as the paratroopers of fire fighting services
  • VSU-15 water-discharging device on the external sling allows to perform the intake of water, intended for fire fighting, in hovering mode from any kind of water reservoirs, including shallow ones
  • VSU-15 water-discharging device can be quickly disconnected and the helicopter can be used for transportation of personnel and equipment
  • Control of water intake and discharge is performed from the operator's remote control
  • External sling providing transportation of VSU-15 and control of water intake and discharge
  • Satellite navigation system
  • Control of water intake and discharge is performed from the operator's remote control
  • Thermal vision unit
  • Radio for communication of the crew with ground fire brigades
  • System of chemical ad mixtures dosage
  • Search & Rescue (SAR):
  • Providing of building constructions mounting
  • External sling
  • Optional modules and equipment include: Medical Module with intensive therapy module, Rescue hoist, Search light
  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS):
  • Transport of Medical Staff
  • Evacuation of casualties (patients) to the place of care, including the implementation of resuscitation on board the helicopter.
  • Optional modules and equipment include: Emergency Medical module with special equipment, Rescue hoist

Equipment / Features
  • A clearance control system is available for handling items of large volume during loading. The helicopter is provided with engine starting facilities using internal power, special ladders are not required as both engine and gearbox cowling, when in open position, serve as maintenance platforms.

Maintenance / Inspections
  • Went throught Overhaul in 2015. 1200 or 8 years till next Overhaul.

Additional Remarks
  • The Mi-26t is the world's largest heavy-lift helicopter. It is capable of lifting large size cargo items weighing up to 20 tons, either inside the cargo compartment or on an external sling. A combined internal and external load configuration is also permitted, providing the total load does not exceed 20 tons.

Seller Contact Information
Please mention AirplaneMart.com when you contact the seller of this aircraft!
Company: Helitage Aviation Company
Contact: Informational Department
Address: Moscow, Russian Federation

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