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Date Posted / Updated: 2019-01-09
2017 Mil Mi-17V-5
Two brand new Mil 17V-5 helicopters.
Airframe Time:
Engine Time(s):
Aircraft Location:
Russian Federation

Download Specs

  • Https://milhelicopters.com/mi-17-modifications/
  • The helicopter fuselage is an all-metal semi-monocoque
  • Structure made up of a forward and central section, a tail boom
  • And a tail boom pylon.
  • The main framework of the fuselage is assembled from frames
  • And stringers manufactured from pressed duralumin shapes. Floor
  • And load-bearing covering bind the fuselage framework as a rigid
  • Integral structure. The lining is attached to the fuselage framework
  • With rivets, by welding and glue.
  • The forward section of fuselage consists of the cockpit for the
  • Pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer. Cockpit accommodates with
  • Instrument boards and panels, avionics and helicopter control
  • Units. Pilot adjustable seats are fitted with safety belts. It is installed
  • Shelves with equipment behind the seats. The crew cabin walls
  • And ceiling are covered with heat-insulation soundproof blankets.
  • An engine access hatch is made in the ceiling. Visibility is excellent
  • Through the cockpit windows. Two front windows are triplex glass
  • Windshields equipped with heaters Slide blisters are arranged on
  • The both sides of the crew cabin and are provided with emergency
  • Jettisoning mechanisms. The radar located at the nose part of the
  • Forward section and covered by the radome.

  • Power plant of the helicopter consists of two TV3-117VM
  • Turboshaft engines with free turbines. The TV3-117VM engine is
  • Highly desirable for operations in hot and high conditions. Outlet
  • Engine shafts are connected to the main gearbox that combines
  • Powers and circulates it to the consumers. Dual installation of two
  • Engines increases safety operation of the helicopter as in case
  • Of one engine failure the power of another engine is sufficient
  • To continue the flight. A dust protection device is installed on
  • The engines to protect it against dust and foreign objects from
  • The air supplied to the main engines. Engine start is provided by
  • The air starter powered by auxiliary power unit. The engines are
  • Installed on the fuselage central section ahead of main gear box,
  • Symmetrically relative to helicopter longitudinal axis.

  • Helicopter control provides amount and direction variation
  • Of main rotor trust as well as tail rotor trust. Helicopter control is
  • Mainly provided by the rigid structure. Cables are applied for main
  • Rotor brake control and partially for tail rotor control.
  • Longitudinal and lateral control is carried out by the pilots
  • Moving cyclic pitch control stick changes swash plate tilt that
  • Causes cyclic change in the rotor blade setting in different azimuths,
  • Therefore changes direction of resultant force of main rotor trust.
  • Directional control is realized by the pedals by means of change
  • Of tail rotor collective pitch and its pull rod. Rotor thrust variation
  • Is made by collective pitch by means of main rotor collective input
  • And engine rating. Beside collective pitch there is a differential
  • Control of engines on the helicopter, which allows testing each
  • Engine without main rotor collective pitch variation and provides
  • To select required mode in case of emergency flight with one
  • Engine failure as well as to control engine shutdown.
  • Hydraulic servos are installed in longitudinal and lateral control,
  • Main rotor collective pitch control and tail rotor control. It is
  • Provided main rotor brake control.

  • In order to generate aerodynamic lift and trust required for the
  • Flight, helicopter is equipped with five-blade main rotor. Action of the swash plate to the rotor blades setting made control of the
  • Helicopter relative to the longitudinal and lateral axes.
  • The main rotor blade is of the rectangular in plan. It is made
  • Up of an extruded duralumin spar, which is a hollow beam and an
  • Attaching root portion, tail section, tip fairing.
  • Trim tabs are provided on two section of the blade to change
  • The moment characteristics during the main rotor tracking. The
  • Blades are equipped with spar failure warning pressure-sensitive
  • Indicators and electro-thermal anti-icers.
  • The rotor blade tip fairing is accommodated by navigation light.
  • The main rotor hub is an assembly comprised of offset and
  • Rotated flapping hinges, drag hinges and feathering hinges, a
  • Flapping compensator and centrifugal stops.
  • The flapping hinges allow the blades to flap (oscillate in the
  • Vertical plane) under the action of aerodynamic forces variable in
  • Azimuth.
  • The drag hinges allow the blades to oscillate in the plane of
  • Rotation. Hydraulic dampers are provided in the main rotor head to
  • Damp blade oscillation with respect to the drag hinges.
  • Feathering hinges are installed in the main rotor head to change
  • The blade setting angle (pitch).
  • Centrifugal blade droop stops are arranged in the main rotor
  • Head to reduce the blade droop and create necessary clearance
  • Between the rotor blades and the tail boom.

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
  • Please, see the specs.

Avionics / Radios
  • Please, see the specs.

Equipment / Features
  • Please, see the specs.

  • Please, see the specs.

  • Please, see the specs.

Additional Remarks
  • Standard delivery conditions of new Мi-17V-5 helicopter
  • Comprise:
  • - guarantee according to the contract requirements (usually 12
  • Months or 300 fl ight hours);
  • - individual kit of spare parts, tools and equipment;
  • - maintenance kit, contained spare parts and equipment set;
  • - technical documentation.
  • Helicopter delivery to the Customer is carried out on agreement -
  • By sea or air, also it is possible helicopter direct ferry flight.
  • Helicopter manufacturer provides a wide range of services
  • Related to the helicopter operation, such as:
  • - full technical support during helicopters operation;
  • - guaranteed spare parts supply under AOG requirements during
  • The whole period of helicopter operation;
  • - helicopter modernization;
  • - helicopter overhaul both at Kazan Helicopters or Customerīs
  • Places;
  • - flight and maintenance personnel training in Kazan Helicopters
  • Training center or at the Customerīs base.

Seller Contact Information
Please mention AirplaneMart.com when you contact the seller of this aircraft!
Company: Helitage Aviation Company
Contact: Informational Department
Address: Moscow, Russian Federation

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