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Date Posted / Updated: 2013-06-19
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Single Engine Piston
1979 Grumman AA-5A Cheetah
100% Benefit of Ownership @ 10% the cost and 0% of the Maintenance Responsibility Fantastic Value, 4 place IFR Share $70 per month $73 wet Well Maintained, Hangared
Airframe Time:
USD 5800
Aircraft Location:
(KSJC) San Jose CA CA United States
  • AA-5 series Use a unique bonded aluminum honeycomb wing and fuselage that eliminates the need for rivets without sacrificing strength. The main landing gear is fiberglass with a sprung steel nose gear tube. There is no nose wheel steering as the nose wheel is free-castering through 180 degrees. Steering is by main wheel differential braking operated by using one's toes to push the tops of the rudder pedals this provides incredibly good ground handling characteristics.

  • Lycoming 0-320-E2G The top end of the engine was recently rebuilt as "proactively precautionary, due to suspected sticky valves the rebuild included 4 new cylinders, complete kits including new pistons. The cylinders are new Lycoming cylinders from Ly-Con, with the ports polished and flow-balanced for extra horsepower. The bottom end, the crankcase and its internals, was not split open. The cam was inspected with no problems noted. The engine has a sport tuned exhaust for additional power

  • Sensenich 74DM7$10-1.62. Overhauled 6-19-13

Avionics & Radios
  • Garmin GMA 347 Audio Panel / 4-place Intercom
  • Garmin GNS430W
  • Garmin GTX327 Transponder
  • Narco MK12D+-TSO NavCom with Glideslope
  • Narco 890 Digital DME
  • Avionics Master Switch
  • Dual PTT; Right side of pilot yoke has a button that toggles between Com1 & Com2
  • Davtron M655-2 Check air temp, pressure altitude, density altitude & aircraft voltage
  • Davton 800 Chronometer
  • Century I Auto Pilot

Other Equipment
  • Bruceís Canopy Cover

  • The Cheetah interior is comfortable; it provides panoramic visibility that makes it very roomy. The seats are original and in good condition as the plane has always been hangared. A unique feature is the fold-down rear seats, which provide a six foot long cargo compartment that will hold a couple of ten-speed bicycles or even two snoozing occupants in sleeping bags.

  • The exterior of the plane is in good condition, the paint and decals are in great shape. The wheel pants were recently repainted

Maintenance and Inspection Information
  • The Annual was completed in June 2013, the aircraft has a dedicated maintenance person (Mike Wilkens) who is extremely thorough and is very conscious about monetary expenditures without compromising safety. One of the most immediate changes I noticed when joining the partnership was the oil, it is always a golden color as opposed to the black treacle I was used to at the FBO . The aircraft has had all ADs completed and is completely airworthy.

Additional Remarks
  • The Cheetah has been by far the easiest plane I have ever owned. The Cheetah has a dedicated maintenance person (Mike Wilkens) who is extremely thorough and is very conscious about monetary expenditures without compromising safety. One of the most immediate changes I noticed when joining the partnership was the oil, it is always a golden color as opposed to the black treacle I was used to at the FBO, also the availability of a squawk free plane was a real bonus. The plane can be booked and taken away for as many days as you wish without any requirement for any minimum hours. The monthly dues cover the hanger and a portion of the fixed costs, the hourly rate is $73 which includes reserves for the engine TBO, at $73 an hour wet the plane is an amazing value especially at todayís AV Gas prices. The membership has been in existence for several decades and is very well run, no politics at all, the plane is scheduled through Schedulepointe which has an online scheduling or smartphone application.
  • The plane has a log book for flight hours and gas receipts. You bring the plane back level with the fuel tabs and your hours are billed monthly @ the $73 per hour rate and the fuel you purchased is deducted from your statement. Billing is sent via email
  • The Cheetah is a very stable but also very responsive plane to fly, Most of my training was done on the Cessna platform and the transition to a low wing aircraft was very easy and I like the ability to look up at the panoramic views. The ground handling characteristics are amazingly superior to the Cessna. The canopy can be open during flight; itís really nice to do that on a Bay Cruise.
  • If you would like to take a test flight I can arrange that. I would ask that you contribute a pro rata share; I only ask that to prevent tire kickers. I know that if you fly it you will see the value and I will apply the test flight toward the purchase price.
  • I am only selling N26913 because I just donít have the time to fly.
  • Please let me know if you have any question, I could also give you a link to schedule pointe so that you can see the planes historical availability. I did a statistical analysis using a conservative eight hour availability per day and found that the plane id available 80% during the week and 75% during the weekend. This includes the week that it is normally in maintenance for the annual. (Using a 24Hr day the availability goes up to 92% available during the week and 92% on the weekends)
  • I have looked at comparable ways to own a share of an aircraft and this is certainly the best value that I have found. In the future when I have available time I will definitely re-purchase a share again.
  • If you have any questions or would like to schedule a test flight give me a call at 510-593-6441
  • Thanks for your interest
  • Jason
  • 510-593-6441

Seller Contact Information
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Contact: Jason Proctor
Address: san leandro, CA United States
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