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Aircraft Engines & Propellers
Title Location Price
D-30KP-2 engines Russian Federation Inquire
Engine Casa 212 TPE331-10R_511C Indonesia 60,000 USD
Rolls Royce Spey 511-8 Mexico Inquire
SMA SR 305-230-1 diesel engine and accessories for sale... United States 10,000 USD
TV3-117 VM(A) Russian Federation Inquire
Two engines AI-24VT for airplanes An-26, An-30 Russian Federation 59,000 USD
Walter M601-B Turboprop 750eshp (650hp continuous) for sale Ukraine 25,000 USD
Want to purchase Lycoming 0-360 United States Inquire
Engine Parts
Title Location Price
Blade of steering screw for the helicopter МI-26 Russian Federation Inquire
Blade of the bearing screw KA-32 Russian Federation Inquire
Hamilton Standard Aviation Aircraft ENGINE CONTROL P/N... United States 1,999.99 USD
IO-470 Chrome Cylinder Stud Assembly United States 700.00 USD
Reduction gear VR-252 Russian Federation Inquire
Whittaker Aircraft Valve Man. Oper. B'Fly Shut-Off P/N... United States 249.99 USD
Title Location Price
Propeller Casa 212 TPE331-10R-511C Condition AR Indonesia 30,000 USD
Propellers with saber-shaped, elliptical and classic... Ukraine Inquire
Spinners Ukraine 130 USD
Wooden propellers Meglin for any Engine Ukraine 7.62 USD
Propeller Parts
Title Location Price
Aircraft Engine Spinner Cone P/N 301-465-214-0 FAA Paper... United States 250.00 USD
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