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Aircraft Engines & Propellers
Title Location Price
Engine Casa 212 TPE331-10R_511C Indonesia 60,000 USD
Rolls Royce Spey 511-8 Mexico Inquire
SMA SR 305-230-1 diesel engine and accessories for sale... United States 10,000 USD
Two engines AI-24VT for airplanes An-26, An-30 Russian Federation 59,000 USD
Walter M601-B Turboprop 750eshp (650hp continuous) for sale Ukraine 25,000 USD
Want to purchase Lycoming 0-360 United States Inquire
Engine Parts
Title Location Price
Faster Cooler Starts United States Inquire
Hamilton Standard Aviation Aircraft ENGINE CONTROL P/N... United States 1,999.99 USD
IO-470 Chrome Cylinder Stud Assembly United States 700.00 USD
Whittaker Aircraft Valve Man. Oper. B'Fly Shut-Off P/N... United States 249.99 USD
Title Location Price
Propeller Casa 212 TPE331-10R-511C Condition AR Indonesia 30,000 USD
Selling carbone propellers Ukraine 600 USD
Spinners Ukraine 115 USD
Wooden propellers Meglin for any Engine Ukraine 7.62 USD
Propeller Parts
Title Location Price
Aircraft Engine Spinner Cone P/N 301-465-214-0 FAA Paper... United States 250.00 USD
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