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Aircraft Parts & Spares
Title Location Price
Right pilot door, for AS350 Switzerland Inquire
Electrical Accessories
Title Location Price
Master Control Unit United States Inquire
RF Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Electrical Components... United States Inquire
Title Location Price
EDO 4580 with Hatches, Cleveland brakes and all... United States Inquire
Fuel Systems
Title Location Price
Bendix RSA 5AD1 Fuel Injection Servo, Flow... United States 650.00 USD
Helicopter Parts
Title Location Price
EC130B4 Dual Control Switzerland Inquire
M/R TRANSMISSION 269A5175-7 Italy 19000 EUR
Landing Gear
Title Location Price
Douglas, Nose Steering HYD. Relief Valve P/N 325838,... United States 200.00 USD
Landing Gear Casa 212 Indonesia 40,000 USD
Landing gear for cassa 212 Indonesia 40,000 USD
Spring landing gear Ukraine 565 USD
Wheel fairings Ukraine 55 USD
Parting Out Fixed-Wing
Title Location Price
Vans Rv6 or 6A wrecked aircraft to purchase United States Inquire
Parts (other)
Title Location Price
A stock of C550 parts with mainly avionics and... Ireland Inquire
Sargent Aircraft NLG Steering / Metering Valve Assy P/N... United States 999.99 USD
Title Location Price
Seats trikes, gyroplanes and aircraft Ukraine 90 USD
Viking Twin Otter DHC-6-400 Hi-back Passenger Seats... United States Inquire
Starter Generators
Title Location Price
1969 Lear Siegler Aircraft AC Generator P/N 31229-000... United States 1,200 USD
GE AC generator for B-52 aircraft APU - rebuilt ! 2CM354G1D United States 2000 USD
Title Location Price
#30-52L Cleveland W&B MLG. Brake Assemblies.New (new old... United States Inquire
Title Location Price
DHC6- Twin Otter wingboxes, ailerons, flaps & flight... United States Inquire
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