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Aircraft For Sale and Aviation Classifieds
Airport Property, Home & Hangar
Airpark Home For Sale
Title Location Price
Lakeview home w/ Hangar and Pool - near Tulsa, Oklahoma United States 300,000 USD
Airpark Lot/Acreage For Sale
Title Location Price
In the junipers 1.87 acres 3000 ft paved lighted runway,... United States 99,000.00 USD
Lovely runway lot in South Carolina - Will consider all... United States 47,500.00 USD
Airport For Sale
Title Location Price
NEW PRICE! Private Airport on 93 acres for sale,... United States 695,000 USD
NY 100 Acre Estate, FAA Private Airport+Lg Home+Lg... United States 695,000 USD
Private Airport in South Africa with furnished... South Africa 350,000.00 USD
Hangar For Sale
Title Location Price
Aircraft Hangars & Buildings - Factory Inventory Clearnace United States Inquire
Cameron Airport Commercial Bldg and Hangar for Sale/Lease United States 549,500 USD
Enclosed, cement block, T-Hangar Canada 36,000 CAD
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